The Team

Headquarter and Volunteers

The Headquarter of MCA - The Mission:Change Agency

Special Agent Mary


At the (dead) end of twenties.
Multi-Artist. Writer. Eternal Student.
Creative Chaos in Person that is fascinated by good stories, impressive pictures and deep faith.
My motto: Be the voice of the voiceless. Use your hands for that handsome creation.

Jobs: Leader, Designer, Admin, Eventer, Writer, Listener.

Special Agent Tatjana


In my mid-twenties.
Blogger. Optimist. Geek.
I am addicted to TV series and conventions.
My Motivation: Compassionate for our planet and its creatures - animals and humans.

Jobs: Writer, Editor, Translator, International Communication

Special Agent Ines


In the end of my twenties.
Sunlover. Dreamer. Social-Media-Master.
I hate writing short bios but love to research and educate.
My motto: be the change you wanna see in the world!

Jobs: Social Media Operator (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Research-Queen, Editor

Special Agent Anja


I am in the best age.
Familyhead. Booklady. Changemaker.
In love with books and TV-shows, heaven and earth, born and chosen family.
Living for the motto: Life is what you make it!

Jobs: National Communication, Researcher, Bookinsider, Assistant

The Volunteers of MCA - The Mission:Change Agency

Volunteer Agent Anika

Department of Communication & Department of Camouflage

In the middle of my twenties.
Positive Thinker. Supporter. Beauty-Girl.
I am a make-up artist, being in love with tv-shows and conventions.
My motto: Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

Jobs: Make-Up Assistant during photoshoots and events, Facebook Group Moderator

Volunteer Agent Sabrina

Department of Communication

In the mid-twenties.
Dreamer. Optimist. Serienjunkie.
I believe in miracles, love and luck and in supporting all of them.
My motto: Do what you want, be proud of it. You are the only one living your life.

Job: Facebook Group Moderator

Volunteer Agent Anna

Department of Communication

End of my twenties.
Mother. Wife. Blogger.
Addicted to books and photography.
My motivation: I am in love with our planet and its people.

Job: Blogger-Coordinator

Volunteer Agent Arantza

Department of International Affairs

In my mid-thirties.
Polyglot. Multimedia Student. Social Media Addict.
Love books, TV-shows, learning languages and fighting for our planet.
My motto: Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.

Jobs: Translator, Communication Manager with KLZ

Volunteer Agent Clarissa

Department of International Affairs

Just started my thirties.
Family Woman. TV-Show Freak. Enthusiast of Opera and Musicals.
More than everything I love good books and stories - I am reading the books of Jane Austen at least one time per year.
My motto: Never ever give up.

Jobs: Translator, Researcher

Volunteer Agent Tina

Department of Society-Affairs

In the end of my thirties.
Arty. Sensualist. Knowledge Hunter.
I'm ready for everything and I love to push the envelope.
My motto: Nothing is impossible.

Jobs: Society Consultant, Outlander Germany Connector, Assistant