The Story

The road so far...

The Mission:Change Chronicle


During the last few years we learned a lot, grew, made new friends and partner and more than all: realized that there are enought good causes around the world to go on with Mission:Change for our whole lifetime. Let's see what will happen next. At least we can't wait!

2013 - Bloody Diaries Convention

Spring 2013... four ladies took over the leadership of a fan initiative for the good of Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) that was planned for and has happened at the Bloody Diaries Convention in Germany that year. The Mission - for now Mission:ISF - was born.

The core of that Mission was the sale of T-Shirts that had especially been designed for this event and that were available only for a limited amount of time - all to rais funds for ISF. Furthermore, the Mission organized a flashmob, that consisted of writing a big "ISF" in the auditorium of that convention by holding up white paperboards. That way and in cooperation with the fundraiser of Hic et Nunc Society e.V. and the support of the FedCon GmbH we were able to donate $12,500 to ISF.


One year later - 2014 - the Mission was still alive. Cause the fans wanted it to be alive. So it was continued with a new shirt-design, a new idea (a 3-meters long cheque-scroll with the names of all donors on it) and much support through many ISF-teams all over Europe. Finally the Mission cooperated with KLZ Events and took place at BloodyNight Convention Europe in Brussels.

So even due a hard time with some Convention cancellations we were able to give Ian a cheque of $6,000 in the end. The icing on the cake was a video that shows most of the donors wearing their mission-shirts.

2015 - Bloody Night Con Europe + Ring Con

Our Report for 2015 is coming soon. It happened so much! Two events - both for two charities! WOW! We can't wait to tell you!