Designs, we already offered


The 1st Designs


Created for the BloodyDiariesConvention and ISF, with our first mission-design we wanted to combine the dark and mysterious atmosphere of The Vampire Diaries and the Feeling of Life and Nature.

We made a second version for those, who didn't participate in that Convention but still wished to support our cause.

The 2nd Designs


Created for the BloodyNightCon Europe and ISF, the second mission:design keeps up the idea of the crow and combined it with a quote of ISFs founder Ian Somerhalder. This design also inspired our own logo that combines the care of nature and human in it.

That design is - until 2016 the only design with a front and backside.

The 3rd Designs

2015 I

The first Design is the blue design "Flying Crow". You may remember our Crow from the two ISF-Designs of the last years. This year it just seems to become a complete crow during its flight. It consists of many diferent feathers. The meaning of this image is: We might not be able to change much alone but together we can create change. Together we can make a difference. No matter how small you are alone: All for one and one for all: Let's create change!

The second Design is the red design "Take Heart". You may remember this slogan from Nathaniel himself and his tattoo. The design shows a heart and a key - both symboles of Nathaniel and EndIt. Both consist of many Hands. So the meaning can be compared to the one of the first design. Let's raise our hands and take heart! Let's work together to find the courage to change things that are wrong in this world.

With those two designs we started Mission:Change, to no longer support one non-profit only. Because of that for us the red X of the EndIt Movement is connected to the care about humans - together with the crow it became part of our logo.

The 4th Designs

2015 II

Our 4th mission - the second one as Mission:Change - was dedicated to Bloodwise UK and the K├Âlner Klinikclowns e.V. while RingCon 2015.

Therefore we oriented our design on Outlander and Scottland. "My Heart" is on the shirts. Additional we offered bags with two quotes. One about the love to the country, one about the love to the one person in life.

The 5th Designs

2016 I

The first mission-design of 2016 we created for the community Outlander Germany as a member-shirt. It's a new interpretation of their own logo. A light and a dark version - one for each mood.